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Resins & Pellets for Extrusion & Molding

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Resins & Pellets for Extrusion & Molding
Plastic resins and pellets for extrusion, injection molding and compression molding are available from Professional Plastics. Professional Plastics is the Master Distributor of Vestakeep brand PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a high-performance engineering plastics used extensively in medical, semiconductor and aerospace materials. We also offer a full-range of general purpose plastic resins in gaylord quantities.
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  • (ABS PLASTIC RESIN) ABS Plastic Resin
    ABS Plastic Resin
    (ACETAL RESIN) Acetal Resin
    Acetal Resin
    (HDPE Resin / Pellets) HDPE Resin / Pellets
    HDPE Resin / Pellets
    (HOT RUNNERS) Hot Runner Materials
    Hot Runner Materials
    (LDPE Resin / Pellets) LDPE Resin / Pellets
    LDPE Resin / Pellets
    (NYLON PLASTIC RESIN) Nylon Plastic Resin
    Nylon Plastic Resin
    (PEEK-VESTAKEEP) PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
    PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
    (POLYCARBONATE RESIN) Polycarbonate Resin
    Polycarbonate Resin
    (Radel R-7159 PPSU Resin) Radel® R-7159 PPSU Resin
    Radel® R-7159 PPSU Resin
    (Radel R-7400 PPSU Resin) Radel® R-7400 PPSU Resin
    Radel® R-7400 PPSU Resin
    (Radel R-7625 PPSU Resin) Radel® R-7625 PPSU Resin
    Radel® R-7625 PPSU Resin

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