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Linear Motion & Transfer Systems

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Linear Motion & Transfer Systems
Linear Motion Equipment & Transfer Systems - Linear Actuator, Drives, Guides, Tracks, Feeders, Positions & other screw drive equipment utilize Turcite, Delrin, Delrin AF, Nylon, Nylatron, Torlon, PEEK, Teflon and other plastic materials for non-lubricated performance in anti backlash lead screw nuts, roller screws, balls screws, ACME screws, lock nuts and ball bearings. These materials are used on precision aligners and part feeders that are typically driven by servo motors to position various parts.

What is Backlash ?
Backlash is a gap between the leadscrew and nut. When the leadscrew is spinning in a direction they are making contact with only one side of the nut, on the other side of the screw there is a very small gap. When the screw spins in the opposite direction, the gap must be cleared before the leadscrew makes contact with the opposite side of the nut. This small gap can translate to 0.01" or more in some cases, which will cause your CNC to lose some accuracy unless you have anti-backlash nuts.

What is an Anti-Backlash Nut ?
Our anti-backlash nuts feature a spring tensioning system, in a very small package. Unlike the fixed nuts which have a constant thread all the way through, our nuts feature a taper and compression ring that allows the threads to keep contact when the leadscrews are turning. This eliminates any slop from the constant starting and stopping, as well as from reversing direction.

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