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Wave Solder Pallet Materials

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Wave Solder Pallet Materials
Wave Solder Pallets are the fastest, most reliable, and inexpensive method of soldering through-hole components on circuit boards. A good wave solder machine applies the right amount of flux, heat and solder to create perfect solder joints. Since the molten wave of solder contacts the entire board surface, tooling is needed to protect components or board areas that are sensitive to heat or solder. Professional Plastics offers a variety of wave solder pallet materials that enable PCB manufacturers to utilize cost effective production of the wave soldering process on assemblies that require thermal or solder protection. Beyond protecting wave side components or board areas, solder pallets should protect the components on the top of the assembly. Proper alignment of connectors, LEDs, or heat sinks can be effectively accomplished through specialized top side tooling that integrates with the wave solder pallet. Dedicated wave solder pallets are the best tooling solution to achieve the highest quality and lowest costs. Professional Plastics offers am extensive range of solder pallet materials to meet your equipment and production needs.
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  • (DURAPOL) Durapol® Wave Solder Pallets
    Durapol® Wave Solder Pallets
    (DUROSTONE CFR767) Durostone® CFR767
    Durostone® CFR767
    (DUROSTONE) Durostone® Wave Solder Pallet Material
    Durostone® Wave Solder Pallet Material
    (G-10 ESD SOLID) G-10/FR-4 ESD Grade
    G-10/FR-4 ESD Grade
    (G-10 FR4 SHEET) G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    (G-11 SHEETS) G-11 Sheets
    G-11 Sheets
    (CBC PALLET MATERIAL) Glastic CBC Wave Solder Pallets
    Glastic CBC Wave Solder Pallets
    (WAVEMAX) Wavemax® 5000 - Wave Solder Pallets
    Wavemax® 5000 - Wave Solder Pallets

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