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Wet Bench Materials - Plastic

Wet Bench Materials - Plastic
Plastic Wet Bench Materials from Professional Plastics.
Since 1984, Professional Plastics has been supplying the widest variety of premium, corrosion-resistant plastic materials to the semiconductor industry. "Wet Benches" are stations for wet etching and cleaning of wafers and devices. The various wet benches differ in the specific process modules available and the materials allowed at each station. The general use wet bench is for acid or base processing of non-standard materials. Semi-automated wet etch bench, primarily for stripping photoresist, removing scribe dust and wet oxide etching. Semiconductor processing and cleanroom equipment include; Automated wet benches, Semi-automated wet benches, Wet process systems, Cleanroom equipment and furniture, Fume hoods, Quick rinse stations, Spin rinser dryers, Wet etch processing equipment, Chemical distribution cabinets, Wet process systems, Chemical handling equipment, Laminar Flow Work Systems & Hoods, Chemical Delivery Carts, Acid Processing Stations, Chemical Fluid Lines and Quick Dump Rinsers.
Stock Materials Include:Polypropylene (homopolymer, copolymer and FR), CP5, CP7D, FRPP, PVC, CPVC, PVC-C, Halar® ECTFE, Kynar® PVDF, Teflon® PTFE, PFA, FEP, Kel-F® PCTFE, Boltaron®, Takiron, Simona Versadur®, CPG Flametec®, Corzan®, Chemfluor® and other FM-4910 approved wet bench materials.
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