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Bệnh viện & Y tế thiết bị chăm sóc (8062-HO)

Nhiều kênh SICS
Hospitals & Medical Care Facilities (8062-ho)

Overview of Hospitals & Medical Care Facilities (8062-HO)

— Hospitals & Medical Care Facilities & Ambulance Services - The Healthcare Facilities industry consists of companies engaged in operating hospitals, physician and dental clinics, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes and home healthcare agencies. The industry also includes medical laboratories that support healthcare facilities, such as blood analysis, pathology, urinalysis, medical x-ray and other diagnostic laboratories. In contrast to traditional healthcare facilities, operators in the Specialty Hospitals industry provide specialized care to patients in both large-scale, well-known establishments and small, local clinics. Emergency Ambulance Services are also included in this market segment. We offer products such as portable intubation boxes and domes designed for mobile use by EMT's. Also included in this channel are medical research and diagnostic laboratories, as well as, medical supply companies.

Companies in this industry provide medical, diagnostic, and treatment services to people on an inpatient and outpatient basis at specialized medical, surgery, emergency, and other health care facilities. Major services include hospital medical care and outpatient care provided by physicians. Other services include urgent care, elderly and hospice care, medical labs, home health, and rehabilitation.

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