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Trường công & tư - Bộ phận bảo trì (8221-PS)

Nhiều kênh SICS
Public & Private Schools - Maintenance Depts (8221-ps)

Overview of Public & Private Schools - Maintenance Depts (8221-PS)

— School Maintenance Departments utilize a variety of plastics for glazing, repair, and generate maintenance. Due to vandalism and long-term safety and maintenance; primary, intermediate and secondary school require ongoing window replacement. These windows are typically made from Acrylic (Acrylite®, Lucite® plexiglass) or Polycarbonate (Makrolon® or Lexan®) sheets for superior impact-resistance and shatter-resistance.

COVID-19 Protective Products: - We offer Student Shield Desktop Barriers, Counter Top Sneeze Guards, Face Masks, Face Shields, Cafeteria Table Dividers, Gloves, Cubicle Dividers and other protective products. Also See: School COVID Protective Products Flyer

Since 1984' Professional Plastics has offerred materials used for White Boards (Acrylite® Markerboard), Display Boards (Corplast®, IntePro®, and Komatex®), Lighting Panels (including LED Lighting), Mirrors, Engraved Signage (Gravoply®), and Graphic Films. Our materials can be cut-to-size and delivered onsite for quick and easy installation. Please contact us directly for large contract bids, and to initiate new supplier approval process.

Public & Private Schools - Maintenance Depts (8221-PS) ... our Products

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