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Laminated Shims are comprised of layers of plastic, non-metallic or metal foil. The foil layers are then coated with a very thin adhesive, and then are compressed and bonded into a single solid sheet. Sheets can be any thickness -- typical are .020", 1/16", 1/8". When the sheets are cut into shims, the resultant parts are ideal for the aeronautical, armament, and shipbuilding industries.

The laminating process allows individual layers of foil to be peeled off with a knife blade on site to achieve the desired thickness for each shim. In this way the close tolerances of a precision shim is obtained without the considerable time and expense of precision manufacturing of each shim. Laminated shims have the advantages of solid shims and loose leaf shims in one. But instead of having to stack a number of thin and easily damaged individual shims, a single shim can be slipped into position.

Savings on shim inventory and handling damage can be significant. The use of laminated shims also prevents dirt and foreign matter from being introduced between layers. When in place, the compressibility or "cold flow" of a laminated shim is less than that of either a solid or a loose leaf shim.

Professional Plastics provides a wide variety of materials in film stock which is supplied to companies that manufacture laminated shims. These materials include; Kapton®:, Kaptrex®:, Nomex®:, Nylon®:, Mylar®:, Melinex®:, Acetal, Delrin®:, Polycarbonate, Nylatron®:, and more.
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