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Water Treatment & Filtration

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Water Treatment & Filtration

Overview of Water Treatment & Filtration

— Plastics have been delivering safe drinking water for more than seven decades. Advantages of Plastics in Water Treatment Systems include: Lightweight, Impact, weather, chemical, corrosion and fire resistant, Easy to fabricate, Cost effective, Durable and long-lasting, Excellent weatherability, Easy and safe to use,Low maintenance, Easy to weld, install and operate, Excellent flexibility and bending radius, which eliminates the need for fittings, Surge-resistant, Provides superior protection for public health when used in water treatment applications,
  • Unlike metals, fabrication of plastics can often be done on-site, with simple hand tools; no torches or heavy equipment needed.

    Applications for Plastics in Water Treatment Systems:
    Potable water systems - Irrigation - Aquaculture - Food processing - Industrial process piping - Fire sprinkler systems - Hot and cold water distribution systems - Plumbing pipes and fittings - Water and sewage treatment - paddles, weirs, wear shoes, sprockets, chain guides -Gravity and force main industrial and municipal sewer systems - Ultra pure water systems - Submerged marine installations- Ocean thermal energy conversion projects, designed to produce energy and air condition buildings - Fire protection systems on and under municipal piers
  • Flyer - Plastics for Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • NSF Approval Listing

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