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Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

Calculate Sheet Cost for Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

QTY Thickness Type Cut Size (inches) Price Per Piece Total Price
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Minimum Line Item.
    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculate Cut-To-Size Cost for Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

QTY Thickness Type Cut Size (inches) Cut Tolerance Price Per Piece Total Price
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Minimum Line Item.
    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculate Full Sheets Cost for Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

QTY Size Type Price Per Sheet Total Price
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Minimum Line Item.
    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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OVERVIEW of Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

CAST Acrylic Sheets -are offered in Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and more. Acrylic applications include: picture frames, store displays, furniture, shelving, windows, barriers, shields, replacement glass and aquariums. Clear Acrylic is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can be easily heat-formed without loss of optical clarity. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion in water, does not significantly effect its' mechanical or optical properties.
Note: This product is currently in high demand for for Pharmacy Windows & Protective Shields for coronavirus testing facilities.
  • Countertop Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

    Why use CAST Acrylic verses EXTRUDED Acrylic ?
  • Continuous Service Temp: 180° F (Cast) vs. 160° F (Extruded)
  • Formability Temp: 340° F to 380° F (Cast) vs 290° F to 320° F (Extruded)
  • Cast acrylic has a higher molecular weight, therefore it will cut, drill and rout cleaner.
  • When machining cast acrylic, shavings will flake off whereas extruded acrylic shavings may gum up on the tool.
  • Cast acrylic also offers better glue-joint effectiveness and performs better in laser cutting.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST

    Features of Cast Acrylic Sheets:
  • Plexiglass Cast Acrylic Sheets are 17 times stronger than glass !!
  • Economical transparent material that is easily machined & thermoformed
  • Sheets larger than 24" x 48" can be expensive to ship - Select the Smallest Sheet you can Use
  • Translucent = Light & Shadows can be seen through Sheet.
  • Transparent = Images can be viewed through sheet (like tinted glass)
  • Opaque = Neither light nor images can be seen through the sheet.
  • Note: .062" Thick Sheets have a Maximum 48" x 72" Sheet Size and sold only with Paper-Masking

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    Building an Aquarium 2

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    CUSTOMER REVIEWS — Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST
    out of 5.0
    51 total ratings
    56 total reviews
    Don said..
    Anaheim, CA

    Sales guy was very helpful in directing me to product to best fit my needs.
    Becky said..
    Raleigh, NC

    Your website is easily navigated. I found the product, ordered, paid and received a precisely cut custom piece delivered to my doorstep within the week. Thank you for the great service
    Cliff said..
    Los Angeles, CA

    Kristin from the Ogden, Ut location helped me find and order the acrylic sheet I was searching for, it was ordered and arrived as promised. I have since worked with the material, and am very pleased to thank you for a flawless product that I was able to shape into my desired shape. Thank you again, I will definitely be referring all business to this company.
    Pedro said..
    Northfield, OH

    My sales rep in NY greatly assisted in obtaining my product as offered. I can't thank him enough. In fact I called him a day l picked up the item to again thank him for his effort.
    Scott said..
    Atlanta, GA

    Stacey did a great job helping to get my order processed allowing me to keep my anxious customers happy. Give her a raise for going out of her way in keeping your customers happy
    Scott said..
    Richmond, TX

    I talked with Michael at the Stafford TX store about a piece of Plexiglass for a Light Table I was making. I was using this for film negatives and art drawing projects. I can say that Michael went above and beyond required to make sure I had the product I wanted and work properly. Fantastic service and product. Thanks again
    Adam said..
    Montreal, QC

    I would like to mention the positive experience I've had dealing with Robert Wood in Buffalo ordering some plexi. He was extremely helpful and patient and great to deal with. Thanks
    Sean said..
    Maricopa, AZ

    Jacquie Nine has been on top of all my requests, we look forward in continuing this relationship with Professional Plastics.
    Bjoerk said..
    Golden, CO

    It's good stuff. Doesn't chip so much when cutting and leaves a good edge.
    Mel said..
    Cleveland, OH

    I have not used the plastic yet but the purchasing process was easy and painless. I live close to Twinsburg so access to the warehouse was convenient.
    Henry said..
    san rafael, CA

    Appearance and service was fine.
    The material is very brittle and it broke in half while I was cutting it with saw. There is need to avoid twisting or uneven force on sheet.
    Dean said..
    Ixonia, WI

    Excellent product at a fair price. Fast delivery.
    Caleb said..
    Farmington Hills, MI

    Excellent product, quick turnaround.
    Eric said..
    Benicia, CA

    Excellent product, excellent price, excellent service. Easy, they already have my business when it comes to plastics.
    JESSIE said..

    Excellent service and quick turn around. Very pleased with product. Thanks
    Joseph said..
    Lake Wales, FL

    Great product. Cut just right to fit into my engraver with no waste. Will definitely
    order again.
    Aleksey said..
    Bronx, NY

    Great product, fast shipping, excellent packaging. I bought two pieces of clear 0.125 acrylic for my project of installation of two A/C's in horizontal sliding windows (I made two aluminum frames for that). Everything looks works great
    Lynn said..
    Fountain Hill, PA

    I bought 6 pieces of plexiglass for shelving for my daughter in Pennsylvania. They were cut to size and look beautiful. Your staff was very helpful in deciding shelf thickness to bear the expected weight of display items.
    ANTHONY said..

    Replaced glass China shelves with acrylic after major accident. Perfect fit. Wife extremely happy. Happy wife, Happy life. Thank you.
    william said..
    Fairbanks, AK

    Shipped to Fairbanks Alaska for not much shipping cost. Arrived on time and do to good packaging also in perfect condition. Ended up costing 1/2 of what local supplier quoted me and I was able to get cast plexi instead of extruded.

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