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Machining - Swiss Screw (3599-SW)
Machining - Swiss Screw
Screw Machining (aka swiss style or swiss type machining) is a production method designed to be extremely proficient for the manufacturing of small parts and also for long, slender parts which would otherwise deflect or vibrate when turning on a lathe. This process is also very fast and extremely ...
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Semicon Spares (3559-SS)

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Semicon Spares (3559-SS)
Semicon Spares refers to spare parts for semiconductor fabrication equipment. Major OEM's like Applied Materials, Lam Research, Tokyo Electron, Ebara, Strasbaugh and others manufacture wafer process equipment used at semicon Fabs worldwide. A large aftermarket exists for consumable replacement parts for these machines. Professional Plastics works with dozens of companies involved in the production of machined parts made from materials such as Techtron® PPS, Vespel®, Kynar® PVDF, PEEK, Ultem®, Halar®, Teflon® PTFE, PFA, FEP, Ertalyte® and others. We provide our customers with worldwide support through our 19 facilities in the USA, Singapore and Taiwan. Professional Plastics supplies materials used for CMP retaining rings, focus rings, clamp rings, screws, valves, heads, nozzles, plugs, seals, and view ports. For more details, visit the product pages below or contact our customer service department.
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