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Aquariums, Amimal Enclosures & Related Products (8422-AQ)
Aquariums, Amimal Enclosures & Related Products
This industry includes manufacturers of custom acrylic aquariums, terrariums and large see-thru animal enclosures for residential, commercial and industrial use. Acrylic has many advantages over glass and fiberglass, especially when it comes to customization.  Acrylic is much stronger than glass, ...
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Bathroom Partitions (2542-BP)

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Bathroom Partitions (2542-BP)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bathroom partitions provide one of the longest life cycles in the industry. Constructed from premium American-made 1” solid HDPE with a homogenous color throughout. HDPE plastic resist dents, scratches, corrosion, graffiti & mildew and will absolutely never rust. Two competing materials in the marketplace today are Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC) and Phenolic bathroom partitions. Scranton Products has performed laboratory testing that compares HDPE, SCRC and Phenolic to validate certain features & benefits and provide the industry with a clear understanding of the differences in materials. Commercial bathroom partitions are placed into harsh high traffic environments. These environments tend to be damp making the materials within them susceptible to mold, mildew and rust. It is also not uncommon to encounter graffiti and vandalism in these public spaces, therefore it is important to invest in a worry-free product that will save you time and money. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bathroom partitions are comprised of high density polyethylene resin & pigments. Phenolic bathroom partitions are comprised of a melamine sheet then multiple layers of resin impregnated kraft paper. Solid color reinforced composite (SCRC) bathroom partitions are made from a homogenous composite of cellulose fibers, dyes & resins with a GraffitiOff™ surface coating. Independent testing reveals that HDPE is a better material choice to withstand the harsh environments of commercial bathroom partitions.
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