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Conveyor Components
Conveyor Components - Professional Plastics offers a full-range of UHMW-PE, HDPE, Nylon, Acetal and Polyurethane in basic Shapes, Profiles and Components used in automated materials handling, processing and conyeying equipment. We offer high performance plastic solutions that meet or exceed industrial application requirements. Most products are available in food grade materials and enhanced formulations. All products are made to industry specifications and include the following components:
  • Bearings/Bushings - Gears/Sprockets - Chain Guides & Rails - Pulleys - Curves/Tracks - Roll End Bearings - Wear Strips - Star Wheels, Augers, Rollers, Bumpers, Hoppers, Liners, Bins and more.
  • Professional Plastics stocks more than $ 20 million in engineering plastic sheets, rods, tubing and films.

  • (DURASURF-UHMW) DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)
    DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)
    DuraSurf UHMW Wear Strip
    (LubX C) LubX® C - High Performance Sliding Material
    LubX® C - High Performance Sliding Material
    (NylaPro 1000-XL) NylaPro 1000-XL
    NylaPro 1000-XL
    (NYLATRON GSM) Nylatron® GSM Nylon
    Nylatron® GSM Nylon
    (NYLATRON NSM) Nylatron® NSM
    Nylatron® NSM
    Nylon - CAST Nylon 6, UNFILLED
    (Plastic Gears and Sprockets) Plastic Gears and Sprockets
    Plastic Gears and Sprockets
    (Polycarbonate GP Sheet) Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
    Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
    (POLYSTONE M-SOFT) Polystone® M Soft (UHMW-PE)
    Polystone® M Soft (UHMW-PE)
    (POLYURETHANE) Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
    Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
    (TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    PTFE Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    (TIVAR ANTISTAT) Tivar®  Anti Static UHMW
    Tivar® Anti Static UHMW
    (TIVAR 1000) Tivar® 1000 UHMW
    Tivar® 1000 UHMW
    (TIVAR 88) Tivar® 88
    Tivar® 88
    (Tivar® 88-2 ESd) Tivar® 88-2 ESd
    Tivar® 88-2 ESd
    (TIVAR CERAM P) Tivar® Ceram P®
    Tivar® Ceram P®
    (TIVAR CLEANSTAT) Tivar® CleanStat®
    Tivar® CleanStat®
    (TIVAR DRYSLIDE) Tivar® DrySlide UHMW
    Tivar® DrySlide UHMW
    (TIVAR HOT) Tivar® H.O.T.
    Tivar® H.O.T.
    (Tivar HPV UHMW) Tivar® HPV
    Tivar® HPV
    (TIVAR Oil Filled UHMW) Tivar® Oil Filled UHMW-PE
    Tivar® Oil Filled UHMW-PE
    (TIVAR SOLID TRACK) Tivar® SolidTrack™
    Tivar® SolidTrack™
    (UHMW-Tivar Chain Guide) Tivar® UHMW Industrial Chain Guides
    Tivar® UHMW Industrial Chain Guides
    (UHMW Angle) UHMW Angle
    UHMW Angle
    (UHMW PULLEYS-ROLLERS-WHEELS-SPROCKETS) UHMW Pulleys, Rollers, Wheels & Sprockets
    UHMW Pulleys, Rollers, Wheels & Sprockets
    (UHMW - VIRGIN) UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    (UHMW Tube - Hollow Bar) UHMW Tube - Hollow Bar
    UHMW Tube - Hollow Bar
    (UltraPro 4.2 - Wear-Resistant UHMW) UltraPro™ 4.2
    UltraPro™ 4.2
    (VinylGuard PVC 105-ROLLER SLEEVE - VinylGuard) VinylGuard® Conveyor Roller Sleeve
    VinylGuard® Conveyor Roller Sleeve

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