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High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment (2819-HG)
High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment
High-purity gas handling equipment includes pressure regulators, laser gas equipment, flowmeters, mass flow systems, changeovers, manifolds, regulator mounting brackets, gas panels, process racks, gas cylinder cabinets, purifiers, filters, & valves. Services include design & fabrication of ...
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Mass Transit - Bus (3713-MB)

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Mass Transit - Bus (3713-MB)
Professional Plastics offer a wide variety of plastics and composite materials used by various MTA's and long-distance bus lines. Materials such as ABS, Kydex®, and Boltaron® are used for interior components and panels, while transportation grade polycarbonate such as Makrolon® TG sheets are used as lightweight, scratch-resistant windows. Transparent acrylic and polycarbonate sheets may also be used as protective barriers between driver and passengers. We also offer a full-range of flame-inhibiting, formable foams, tapes, and spiral-cut cable wrap tubing for bundling of wires. Phenolic, and glass-epoxy sheets may also used as insulating panels, and terminal blocks.
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