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Automotive Systems (3714-AS)
Automotive Systems
An automobile is comprised of dozens of individual systems working in conjunction with one another to provide safe and efficient transportation. Automotive Systems Manufacturers manufacture one or more of these systems which are later assembled and installed on the floor of the automotive assembly ...
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Metal Production & Casting (3312-MP)

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Metal Production & Casting (3312-MP)
The primary metals industries include facilities that produce metal products from metal ore and / or scrap metal. Plants may refine metals, cast molten metal into desired shapes, or produce the inputs for the refining or casting process. Primary metals industries utilize both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and produce pure metal products or alloys in the form of end products or stock for use by other industries. The primary metals industries includes steel works, blast furnaces, and coke making; ferrous and non-ferrous foundry operations; and smelting and refining of common non-ferrous metals. Facilities may function as independent plants which sell metal products to other industries, or as part of a larger plant which produces metal pieces for use within a facility or company. Metalcasting is a process in which molten or liquid metal is poured into a mold made of sand, metal or ceramic, to form geometrically complex parts. Applications include jet aircraft engines, airframes, industrial gas turbines, military armaments, medical prosthesis, and many other industrial markets
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