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High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment (2819-HG)
High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment
High-purity gas handling equipment includes pressure regulators, laser gas equipment, flowmeters, mass flow systems, changeovers, manifolds, regulator mounting brackets, gas panels, process racks, gas cylinder cabinets, purifiers, filters, & valves. Services include design & fabrication of ...
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Precision Optics & Lasers

Precision Optics & Lasers
Electro-Optical - Precision Optics & Lasers
Electro-optics is a branch of technology involving components, devices and systems which operate by modification of the optical properties of a material by an electric field. Thus it concerns the interaction between the electromagnetic (optical) and the electrical (electronic) states of materials. The electro-optic effect relates to a change in the optical properties of the medium which usually is a change in the birefringence and not simply the refractive index.

Professional Plastics offers a wide range of high-performance engineering plastics and ceramics used in advanced Electro-Optical & Precision Laser Instruments. Our customers utilize our materials for components such as housings, lens assemblies and optical instrument benches in sophisticated night vision, thermal vision, infra-red systems, FLIR systems, laser designator systems, Photodetector/photodiode components, detector subassemblies, waveguides, receiver modules, photodiode, detector components, preamplifiers, detector components, photodiodes, photoconductors, integrated sensors, optical devices, LIDAR systems, multispectral imaging, electro-optical countermeasures, wide band-gap semiconductors, active phased array radars, RFID and optical tagging. Many of our products can be machined to extremely high tolerances to meet critical demands.

Materials offered by Professional Plastics include; Homalite H-911 (CR-39®), PEEK, Polyimide (Vespel®, and Meldin®), Rexolite, Teflon®, PTFE, Kapton® Film, Macor® (machinable glass ceramic), Mil-P-5235 Acrylic, Cast Acrylic, Mirrored Acrylic, Ultem® PEI, Delrin® and Acetal Copolymer.
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