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Arcade Gaming, Gambling & Casinos (7993-AC)

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Arcade Gaming, Gambling & Casinos (7993-ac)

Overview of Arcade Gaming, Gambling & Casinos (7993-AC)

— Arcade Gaming, Gambling Machines & Casinos utilize plastic materials for various components including signage, displays, coin feeders, bins, lighting, gears and wheels. Plastic materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate are used for backlit signage, and LED illuminated components, while mechanical components often utilize wear-resistant plastic materials such as Acetal, Nylon® and UHMW. We also offer electrical insulating materials, and ESd materials to reduce static charge and improve electrical reliability.

Since 1984' Professional Plastics has worked with leading manufacturers of gaming machines for the supply of basic shapes (sheets, rods & tubes), and well as, fabricated parts to customer specifications. Fabricated plastic parts include signage panels, shields, barriers, trays, boxes, bumpers, and various components. We also offer anti-ballistic security glazing, two-way mirror, and convex security domes for CCTV. In response to the current coronavirus outbreak, Professional Plastics is producing PPE face shields, and protective barriers. We are also supplying protective masks. Some casinos are now installing protective acrylic barriers between slot machines to reduce viral spread. These items are critical supplies to keep employees and customers safe from airborne viral droplets.

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