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Plastic Welding Products

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    Plastic Welding Products
    Plastic Welding Products include both the raw stock (Sheets & Welding Rods), as well as, the welding equipment. Professional Plastics offers a full line of both Seeyle brand welders and Wegener brand welding products. These products are commonly used for Hot Air/ Hot Gas Welding. This technique utilizes a specially designed heat gun (hot air welder) which produces a jet of hot air that softens both the parts to be joined and a plastic filler rod, all of which must be of the same or a very similar plastic. Welding PVC to acrylic is an exception to this rule. Hot air/gas welding is a common fabrication technique for manufacturing smaller items such as chemical tanks, water tanks (black, grey, fresh & ballast), heat exchangers, and plumbing fittings. Plastics are used for manufacturing semiconductor wet benches, chemical process tanks, clean room cabinets, medical facility chassis, transport assemblies, etc.
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  • (ABS WELDING RODS) ABS Welding Rods
    ABS Welding Rods
    (CPVC WELDING ROD) CPVC Welding Rod - Grey
    CPVC Welding Rod - Grey
    (Flametec - Welding Videos) Flametec - Welding Videos
    Flametec - Welding Videos
    (HDPE WELD ROD) HDPE Welding Rods
    HDPE Welding Rods
    (Makrolon IR) Makrolon® IR
    Makrolon® IR
    (Polypropylene Welding Rod) Polypropylene Welding Rod
    Polypropylene Welding Rod
    (PVC WELDING ROD) PVC Welding Rods
    PVC Welding Rods
    (PVDF WELDING ROD) PVDF Welding Rods
    PVDF Welding Rods
    (SEEYLE WELDER OVERVIEW) Seelye® Plastic Welder Overview
    Seelye® Plastic Welder Overview
    (SEEYLE WELDER 2001FC) Seeyle Plastic Welder # 270-2001FC
    Seeyle Plastic Welder # 270-2001FC
    (SEEYLE WELDER 2001FCP) Seeyle Welder # 270-2001FCP
    Seeyle Welder # 270-2001FCP
    (SEEYLE MODEL 63 270-11005) Seeyle Welder Model 63 # 270-11005
    Seeyle Welder Model 63 # 270-11005
    (SEEYLE WELD TIPS) Seeyle Welding Tips
    Seeyle Welding Tips
    (VINYL STRIP CURTAIN) Vinyl Strip Curtain
    Vinyl Strip Curtain
    (WEGENER-AUTOTHERM) Wegener Autotherm Welder
    Wegener Autotherm Welder
    (WEGENER-DURATHERM) Wegener Duratherm Welder
    Wegener Duratherm Welder
    (WEGENER-WELDTIPS) Wegener Welding Tips
    Wegener Welding Tips
    (WELDING ROD) Welding Rods - Plastic
    Welding Rods - Plastic

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