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Electronics (Miscellaneous) (3600-EM)
Electronics (3600-EM)
The Electronics Industry produces electronic equipment for industrial and consumer electronics products, such as computers, televisions and circuit boards. Market segments include electronic components, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, consumer appliances and industrial ...
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Government - Federal, State, Local Agencies (GOV)

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Government - Federal, State, Local Agencies (GOV)
Federal, State and Local Government Agencies (Non-Military), use a variety of plastic materials through various departments including Building Construction and Maintenance, Signage, Safety & Security, Water Management, Transportation Systems, Parks, Police, Prisons, Government Housing, Medical Services, and other various non-military departments. Professional Plastics has been in business since 1984', and has served hundreds of governmental departments and agencies, while complying with all necessary certifications, regulations, and compliance issues. Our nationwide locations provide quick deliveries and logistical support for ongoing needs and emergency management requirements.

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