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Ceramic Production & Machining - Industrial - Technical (3264-TC)
Ceramic Production & Machining - Industrial - Technical
Technical Ceramic Production & Machining - Technical ceramics can be classified into three distinct material categories:
Oxides: alumina, beryllia, ceria, zirconia
Nonoxides: carbide, boride, nitride, silicide
Composite materials: particulate reinforced, fiber ...
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Foam-Based Products

Foam-Based Products
Foam-based products from Professional Plastics range from open and closed-cell elastomer products to rigid, skin-covered sheets such as Expanded PVC. These materials are lightweight, impact absorbing products used in a wide variety of applications from cushioning, insulation, orthopedic, recreational products and signage. We offer hundreds of different foam products and formulations. The most common are polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and neoprene foam.

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