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As the market-leader in high-performance engineering plastic shapes since 1984', Professional Plastics has been the go-to-source for semi-finished plastic shapes (Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Bars & Profiles) for precision machine shops nationwide. Professional Plastics is a Master-Distributor for ...
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Plastic Pallets, Slips Sheets, Totes & Bulk Packaging (3089-PT)

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Plastic Pallets, Slips Sheets, Totes & Bulk Packaging (3089-PT)
Plastic Pallets, Slips Sheets, Totes & Bulk Packaging utilize plastic materials such as HDPE, UHMW, ABS, HIPS and other plastics for various handling and packaging purposes. Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic, With the slip sheet supported by one of these transportation devices the unit load can easily be transported both Using slip sheets instead of wooden pallets allows for up to 30% more stock in some material handling containers. Plastic Slip Sheets are a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to wood pallets in handling of goods. They are moisture-resistant, recyclable, and do not require heat-treating to meet IPPC standards for international shipping. These products are made with recyclable HDPE or Polypropylene plastic and can be used over and over. Plastic Divider Sheets provide maximum product protection and load stability for unitized loads of food, beverage and industrial products. When combined with plastic pallets and top frames, an efficient shipping system is created for storage and transport. These reusable plastic Divider Sheets are placed between layers of aluminum, steel, glass and plastic cans or bottles used to package food and beverage products. They are also used in many industrial applications to protect items, including printed materials or automotive products. Divider sheets, commonly called layer pads or tier sheets. are available in solid and corrugated styles to meet diverse application needs. The non-sloughing, plastic design reduces product contamination that can occur from dust, fiber and splinters found in alternative sheet materials.
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