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Static Conductive Plastics (102 - 106)

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    Static Conductive Plastics (10 2  - 10 6 )
    Conductive Plastics (102 - 106)
    ESD is an acronym for electrostatic discharge. Many times it is used incorrectly as a term for something that is "electrostatic discharge safe." The terms Anti-Static, Conductive, and Dissipative are all terms that subdivide ESD into more detail.
  • Something insulative is NOT considered ESD safe.
    Materials are divided into these terms based on their individual surface resistance. Surface resistance is a measurement of how easily an electric charge can travel across a medium.
  • Conductive materials are materials that have a surface resistance of less than 1 x 105 ohms/square.
  • Dissipative items have a surface resistance of more than 1 x 105 ohms/square but less than 1 x1011 ohms/square.
  • Anti-static materials are generally referred to as any material which inhibits triboelectric charging. This kind of charging is the buildup of an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material.
  • An insulative material is one that has a surface resistance of greater than 1 x 1012 ohms/square.
  • IC Testing Materials Brochure - ESd & Conductive Products
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  • (Conductive Rubber Sheet) Conductive Rubber Sheet
    Conductive Rubber Sheet
    (Polyslick CDE (aka Polyslick 501/502)) Polyslick CDE (Polyslick 501/502)
    Polyslick CDE (Polyslick 501/502)
    (PVDF - Conductive) PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)
    PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)
    (ROYALITE-ABSR63) Royalstat ® R63 Conductive ABS/PVC
    Royalstat ® R63 Conductive ABS/PVC
    (SEMITRON ESD410) Semitron® ESd 410C - Conductive ULTEM™
    Semitron® ESd 410C - Conductive ULTEM™
    (TIVAR 1000 EC) Tivar® 1000 EC - Conductive UHMW
    Tivar® 1000 EC - Conductive UHMW

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