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Electronic Test Equip (other) (3825-TO)

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Electronic Test Equip (other) (3825-TO)

Overview of Electronic Test Equip (other) (3825-TO)

— Electronic Test Equipment - Companies in this industry manufacture equipment used to test electrical properties and signals. Major products include instruments such as frequency counters, logic analyzers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, and waveform synthesizers. Other products include instruments designed for a specific application, such as communications testing equipment and instruments to test semiconductors. These instruments are used to test electrical equipment and to measure electrical properties.

The following items are used for basic measurement of voltages, currents, and components in the circuit under test: Voltmeter (Measures voltage) - Ohmmeter (Measures resistance) - Ammeter, e.g. Galvanometer or Milliammeter (Measures current) - Multimeter e.g., VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter) or DMM (Digital Multimeter) (Measures all of the above) - LCR meter - inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) meter (measure LCR values)

The following are used for stimulus of the circuit under test: Power supplies - Signal generator - Digital pattern generator - Pulse generator - Voltcraft M-3850 portable multimeter

The following analyze the response of the circuit under test: Oscilloscope (Displays voltage as it changes over time) - Frequency counter (Measures frequency)

And connecting it all together: Test probes

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