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Computers - Servers (3571-CS)
Computers - Servers
Computers & Servers - Companies in this industry manufacture and assemble personal computers, laptops and servers. These companies typically purchase computer components (e.g. motherboards and graphics cards) from dedicated manufacturers in other industries, such as semiconductor and printed ...
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Playground Equipment (3949-PG)

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Playground Equipment (3949-PG)
Playground Equipment - Today modern playground equipment has evolved from a few metal pipes being welded together to scientifically designed play equipment that provide children with fun, fresh air and exercise. Today's playground equipment includes multi-play systems that have various modules such as, swings, rock walls, climbers, monkey bars, balancing stones and slides just to name a few. A lot of thought and design goes into developing safe and most important fun playgrounds. Modern playground systems are scientifically designed not only to ensure fun but also to help develop various motor skills of the children using this equipment. Today’s playground equipment is designed to double up as an 'outdoor gym' that children can use to 'work out' while they have fun. Professional Plastics offers a variety materials used for the construction of high-quality playground equipment, including materials that are UV-Resistant and shock absorbent for long-term life and product safety.
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