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Windshields for Golf Carts (3714-GC)
Windshields for Golf Carts
Golf cart windshields require a combination of optical clarity and impact resistance, along with the ability to be fabricated to customers specifications via cnc routing, drilling and heat-bending. Professional Plastics serves many of the leading golf cart manufacturers in the industry, as well as ...
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Model Makers - Molders (7389-MM)

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Model Makers - Molders (7389-MM)
Model Makers - Molders - Upon completion of the CAD solid model, the next logical step is to improve the design by creating a real-life working model. There are several possible types, the most common being a static, or cosmetic, model. This type of model actually demonstrates the size, shape and cosmetics of the proposed part. These models are often highly finished representations that can be used to introduce the part or product to prospective buyers. Another type of model is a physical model that is machined from a specific plastic or other material so that the strength, wear and other properties of the part can be determined. The art of model making encompasses a wide variety of materials, techniques, and end results. Most people equate model making with plastic model cars and airplanes or scale models of satellites and miniature sets used in filmmaking. But model makers blend a unique combination of art and science into their work of replicating, creating mockups, volume studies, and scale reproductions of anything from a building to an automobile. Just about any product you use, whether it is an athletic shoe or a cell phone, was very likely represented by a scale model sometime during its development life cycle. Model makers use a variety of materials, depending on the type of model they are making, or the requirements of the design. Some of the components used in the subtractive process are: Polyurethane foam, acrylic, Ren-Shape, Delrin, high-density foam, foam core, plastics, and other materials.
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