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Aircraft Systems (5599-AS)

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Aircraft Systems (5599-AS)
Aircraft Systems include dozens of complex internal systems that must work together to ensure a safe and efficient working aircraft. These systems include, but are not limited to; Flight controls, Landing gear, Electrical system, Bleed system, Hydraulics, Avionics System, Oxygen, Fuel, Electrical Power, Navigation, Communications, Ice protection (anti-icing and deicing), Cooling system, Instrumentation and recording, Fire protection, and safety systems. Aircraft engines are covered in a separate channel category (AE-5088). Large systems manufacturers include companies such as; Avidyne Corporation, Esterline, Garmin, L-3 Communications, Rockwell Collins, Inc., Thales Canada Inc., Triumph Group, Inc., UTC Aerospace Systems, GKN Aerospace, Meggitt, NORDAM, Parker Aerospace, PPG Aerospace and StandardAero
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(Cryogenic G-10) NP500CR - Cryogenic G-10
NP500CR - Cryogenic G-10
(MELDIN 6001) Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
(ACRYLIC MIL-P-5425) Aircraft Grade Acrylic  -  Mil-P-5425 Sheet
Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
(PEEK-VESTAKEEP) PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
(ACETAL COPOLYMER) Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
(ProLens Sheet for Aircraft Windows) ProLens® Aircraft Grade Polycarbonate
ProLens® Aircraft Grade Polycarbonate
(G-10 FR4 SHEET) G-10/FR-4 Sheets
G-10/FR-4 Sheets
(Meldin 2030) Meldin® 2030
Meldin® 2030
(Nylatron® 66 SA FST) Nylatron® 66 SA FST
Nylatron® 66 SA FST
(POLYIMIDE FOAM - Solimide®) Solimide® Polyimide Foam
Solimide® Polyimide Foam
(G-3) G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
(ROYALITE R47) Royalite® R-47 Sheet
Royalite® R-47 Sheet
(PEEKGF) PEEK - 30% Glass Filled
PEEK - 30% Glass Filled
(BOLATARON 4330) Boltaron® 4330 Sheet
Boltaron® 4330 Sheet
(POLYURETHANE) Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
(KYDEX 100) Kydex® 100 Sheet
Kydex® 100 Sheet
(Weld-On) Weld-On® Plastic Cements
Weld-On® Plastic Cements
(POLYPRO SHEET-WHITE) Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
(TORLON 4301) Torlon® 4301 Rod - Sheet
Torlon® 4301 Rod - Sheet
(PHENOLIC - LE LINEN) Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
(Vinyl-PVC FILMS) PVC Films - Rigid and Flex Vinyl Film
PVC Films - Rigid and Flex Vinyl Film
(PEEKCF) PEEK - 30% Carbon-Filled
PEEK - 30% Carbon-Filled
(DELRIN SHEET & ROD) Delrin® Sheet & Rod (Acetal Homopolymer)
Delrin® Sheet & Rod (Acetal Homopolymer)
(VESPELSP22) Vespel® SP-22 Rod & Plate
Vespel® SP-22 Rod & Plate
(REXOLITE) Rexolite®
(Royalite R57) Royalite® R-57 Sheet
Royalite® R-57 Sheet
(MELDIN 7001) Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
(VESPEL SP1) Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
Techtron® PPS
(RULON LR) Rulon® LR (Maroon)
Rulon® LR (Maroon)
(Delrin 527 UV Resistant Black) Delrin® 527 UV Resistant
Delrin® 527 UV Resistant
(TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
(ULTEM1000) ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
(G-10 ROD) G-10/FR-4 Rods
G-10/FR-4 Rods
(Lexan FMR604 Aircraft Grade Sheet) LEXAN™ FMR604 Aircraft Grade Sheet
LEXAN™ FMR604 Aircraft Grade Sheet
(Polycarbonate GP Sheet) Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
(GPO1) GPO-1 Sheet
GPO-1 Sheet
(BOLATRON 9815E) Boltaron® 9815E Sheet
Boltaron® 9815E Sheet
(RULONJ) Rulon® J (Gold)
Rulon® J (Gold)
(UHMW - VIRGIN) UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
(KEL-F) Kel-F® - PCTFE
Kel-F® - PCTFE
PTFE - Etched
(Royalite R60) Royalite® R-60
Royalite® R-60
(Sustarin C MG Acetal) Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
(ABS FORMING GRADE GP) ABS Sheets - Forming Grade - General Purpose
ABS Sheets - Forming Grade - General Purpose
(MYLAR) Mylar® Polyester Film
Mylar® Polyester Film
(TORLON4203) Torlon® 4203 Rod - Sheet
Torlon® 4203 Rod - Sheet
(HDPE) HDPE Sheets & Rods
HDPE Sheets & Rods

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