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Aquarium Products

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Aquarium Products
Professional Plastics offers a full range of materials used in the fabrication of residential and commercial aquariums. This includes Construction materials such as acrylic, as well as, the Fabrication (adhesives, saw blades & scrapers), and Maintenance (Novus & Brillianize cleaners).
We also have links to helpful fabrication tips:
  • How to Build a 30 Gallon Aquarium
  • How to Build an Aquarium # 2

  • (ACRYLIC STRIP HEATER) Acrylic Strip Heater
    Acrylic Strip Heater
    (ACRYLIC TUBES-CAST) Acrylic Tubes - Cast
    Acrylic Tubes - Cast
    (ACRYLIC AR SHEET) Acrylite® AR - Abrasion Resistant Sheet
    Acrylite® AR - Abrasion Resistant Sheet
    (APPLICATOR-SYRINGE) Applicator - Adhesive Syringe
    Applicator - Adhesive Syringe
    (AQUAKING TUBING) AquaKing self-sinking tubing
    AquaKing self-sinking tubing
    (BRILLIANIZE ID) Brillianize Instant Detailer
    Brillianize Instant Detailer
    (BUFFING COMPOUND) Buffing Compound - for polishing plastic
    Buffing Compound - for polishing plastic
    (BUFFING KIT) Buffing Kit (Buffing Wheel)
    Buffing Kit (Buffing Wheel)
    (SAW BLADES) Circular Saw Blades For Plastic
    Circular Saw Blades For Plastic
    (PLASTICUTTER) Craftics Heavy Duty Plasticutter
    Craftics Heavy Duty Plasticutter
    (SWIVEL PLASTICUTTER) Craftics Swivel Blade Plasticutter
    Craftics Swivel Blade Plasticutter
    (DRILLBIT) Drill Bits - Plas-Drill™
    Drill Bits - Plas-Drill™
    (EDGESCRAPER1) Edge Scraper - Bevel Edge Tool
    Edge Scraper - Bevel Edge Tool
    (LOUVER PARACUBE 1) Louver - Paracube 1
    Louver - Paracube 1
    (NOVUS-COMBO PACK) Novus Combo Pack
    Novus Combo Pack
    (PLASTRIP HEATER) Plastrip Strip Heater
    Plastrip Strip Heater
    Plexiglass - ACRYLIC SHEET - CAST
    (POLYCAST ACRYLIC) Polycast GP - Cast Acrylic Sheet
    Polycast GP - Cast Acrylic Sheet
    (SOFKLOTH#40) SofKloth # 40 - Polishing Cloths
    SofKloth # 40 - Polishing Cloths
    (Weld-On) Weld-On® Plastic Cements
    Weld-On® Plastic Cements

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