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Machining - CNC Machine Shops
As the market-leader in high-performance engineering plastic shapes since 1984', Professional Plastics has been the go-to-source for semi-finished plastic shapes (Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Bars & Profiles) for precision machine shops nationwide. Professional Plastics is a Master-Distributor for ...
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Trade Show Display (2542-TD)

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Trade Show Display (2542-TD)
Trade shows remain among the most valued and used business-to-business marketing strategies in the United States, receiving the greatest share of the B2B marketing budget and consistently ranking highly in effectiveness. Face-to-face interaction is at the core of trade show marketing success, with exhibitors and trade show attendees alike finding face-to-face encounters important in reaching prospective customers or potential vendors, and in positioning their brand. Strategic outsourcing of meeting-related services often supports effective trade show marketing. Likewise, exhibition audience quality remains high - almost half of all trade show attendees report having final buying say at their organizations - and exhibitors have increasing success attracting their potential audience. Though trade show industry revenue growth has been affected by the U.S. economic slowdown, and visitors show a decreased willingness to buy exhibited products, trade shows remain important to marketers and marketer confidence remains high.

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