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Electric Switchgear - Power Distribution

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Electric Switchgear - Power Distribution
In an electric power system, a switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Switchgears are used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream. This type of equipment is directly linked to the reliability of the electricity supply.

The very earliest central power stations used simple open knife switches, mounted on insulating panels of marble or asbestos. Power levels and voltages rapidly escalated, making opening manually operated switches too dangerous for anything other than isolation of a de-energized circuit. Oil-filled equipment allowed arc energy to be contained and safely controlled. By the early 20th century, a switchgear line-up would be a metal-enclosed structure with electrically operated switching elements, using oil circuit breakers. Today, oil-filled equipment has largely been replaced by air-blast, vacuum, or SF6 equipment, allowing large currents and power levels to be safely controlled by automatic equipment incorporating digital controls, protection, metering and communications.

The high-voltage switchgear was invented at the end of the 19th century for operating motors and other electric machines. The technology has been improved over time and can now be used with voltages up to 1,100 kV. Typically, switchgears in substations are located on both the high-voltage and low-voltage side of large power transformers. The switchgear on the low-voltage side of the transformers may be located in a building, with medium-voltage circuit breakers for distribution circuits, along with metering, control, and protection equipment. For industrial applications, a transformer and switchgear line-up may be combined in one housing, called a unitized substation or USS.
  • Professional Plastics supplies a number of insulating materials used in electrical switchgear and power distribution systems including: Nomex, GPO-3, Phenolic, Canvas CE, Linen LE, sleeving and others. We offer Sheets, Rods, Tubes and Fabricated Parts.

  • (ACRYFLEX-F SLEEVING) Acryflex-F® Sleeving
    Acryflex-F® Sleeving
    (PET SLEEVING - BRAIDED) Braided PET Sleeving - Flexo
    Braided PET Sleeving - Flexo
    (COGETHERM) Cogetherm® - Mica Laminate Insulation Board
    Cogetherm® - Mica Laminate Insulation Board
    (Duct Bank Spacers / Underground Utility Spacers) Duct Bank Spacers / Underground  Utility Spacers
    Duct Bank Spacers / Underground Utility Spacers
    (DUROSTRONE UTR1494) Durostone®  UTR Fiberglass Products
    Durostone® UTR Fiberglass Products
    (FISH PAPER) Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet
    Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet
    (FORMEX GK) Formex GK - FR Sheets
    Formex GK - FR Sheets
    (G-10 ROD) G-10/FR-4 Rods
    G-10/FR-4 Rods
    (G-10 FR4 SHEET) G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    (G-11 SHEETS) G-11 Sheets
    G-11 Sheets
    (G-11 TUBE) G-11 Tubes
    G-11 Tubes
    (G-7) G-7 Glass-Silicone Laminate
    G-7 Glass-Silicone Laminate
    (G-9) G-9 Glass-Melamine Laminate
    G-9 Glass-Melamine Laminate
    (GLASGUARD1130) GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
    GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
    (FIBERGLASS RODS-BARS) GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
    GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
    (Glastherm HT200) Glastherm HT200
    Glastherm HT200
    (GPO1) GPO-1 Sheet
    GPO-1 Sheet
    (GPO-3 ANGLE) GPO-3 Angle
    GPO-3 Angle
    (GPO-3 CHANNEL) GPO-3 Channel
    GPO-3 Channel
    (GPO-3 SHEET) GPO-3 Sheets
    GPO-3 Sheets
    (KAPTON HN FILM) Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    (KAPTON TAPE-ACRYLIC) Kapton® Tape (Acrylic Adhesive)
    Kapton® Tape (Acrylic Adhesive)
    (KAPTREX-PI FILM) Kaptrex® Polyimide Film
    Kaptrex® Polyimide Film
    (MAGNET WIRE) Magnet Wire
    Magnet Wire
    (MYCALEX) Mycalex® Mica-filled ceramic
    Mycalex® Mica-filled ceramic
    (NATGLAS SLEEVING) Natglas Sleeving
    Natglas Sleeving
    (NOMEX SLEEVING) Nomex Braided Sleeving
    Nomex Braided Sleeving
    (NOMEX) Nomex® Aramid Paper
    Nomex® Aramid Paper
    (Nu-Flex HTS (Hilec 710C) Sleeving) Nu-Flex HTS (Hilec 710C) Sleeving
    Nu-Flex HTS (Hilec 710C) Sleeving
    (PHENOLIC CANVAS CE SHEET) Phenolic - Grade CE Canvas Sheets
    Phenolic - Grade CE Canvas Sheets
    (PHENOLIC CE TUBE) Phenolic - Grade CE Tubes
    Phenolic - Grade CE Tubes
    (PHENOLIC - LE LINEN) Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
    Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
    (PHENOLIC PAPER X) Phenolic - Grade X Paper
    Phenolic - Grade X Paper
    (TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
    PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
    (PVC Sheet - UL Rated - Electrical Grade) PVC Sheet - UL Rated - Electrical Grade
    PVC Sheet - UL Rated - Electrical Grade
    (SPIRAL) Spiral Cut Tubing - cable wrap
    Spiral Cut Tubing - cable wrap
    (Sta-Down™ Conduit Retaining Device) Sta-Down™ Conduit Retaining Device
    Sta-Down™ Conduit Retaining Device
    (Varflo Class B-A-1 Sleeving) Varflo Class B-A-1 (Grade B 130° C)
    Varflo Class B-A-1 (Grade B 130° C)
    (Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving) Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeve (Gr. S 240° C)
    Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeve (Gr. S 240° C)
    (Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleeving) Varglas A397 & 343 Acrylic Sleeve (Gr F 155°C)
    Varglas A397 & 343 Acrylic Sleeve (Gr F 155°C)
    (Varglas Non-Fray Sleeving) Varglas Non-Fray Sleeving
    Varglas Non-Fray Sleeving
    (Varglas Silicone Rubber Sleeving (Grade H - 200 C)) Varglas Silicone Rubber Sleeving (Grade H - 200° C)
    Varglas Silicone Rubber Sleeving (Grade H - 200° C)

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