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Materials By Temp (175° F to 325° F)

Materials By Temp (175° F to 325° F)
Engineering Plastic Sheets, Rods, Tubing and Films for a Temperature Range of 175° F to 325° F are available from Professional Plastics. Keep in mind that temperature ratings do not assure that a material will work in a specific application. Other factors such as stress, load, moisture, chemicals, gases and other environmental conditions can affect the performance of a material.
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  • Standard Materials (<175° F)
  • Advanced Materials (325° F to 425° F)
  • Extreme Materials (>425° F)
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  • NONE of these materials should be used in Applications that Require Heat Resistance Above 325° F
  • The Maximum Operating Temperature of Each Material Varies from 175 F to 325 F
  • These Materials are NOT all suitable for use at 325 F.
  • Some have a Maximum of 180 F and others have a Maximum of up to 325 F
  • Click on the Individual Product Pages for the Maximum Temperature Rating of Each Material.
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