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Cleanroom Cabinets/Fume Hoods/Construction (3559-CF)

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Cleanroom Cabinets/fume Hoods/construction (3559-cf)

Overview of Cleanroom Cabinets/Fume Hoods/Construction (3559-CF)

— Cleanroom equipment and construction includes fume hoods, cabinets, work surfaces, wall coverings, and windows are constructed of several different materials, depending upon your particular application's needs. Typical materials include standard white polypropylene, fire retardant polypropylene, White PVC, White CPVC, PVDF, Clear Acrylic, Clear PVC, Polycarbonate, and various ESd Materials.

Cleanroom cabinets and furniture is typically designed for a minimum of particle generation and retention, and in some cases may include HEPA filtration systems. Storage equipment is manufactured for use in hazardous chemical or fume environments, labs and clean rooms. Common construction materials include: Polypropylene, Fire Retardant Polypropylene, FM4910-Approved CPVC, PVDF, Transparent PVC, ESd Polycarbonate (PC-300, PC-350) or Static-dissipative PVC sheet and film. Professional Plastics stocks these materials at our facilities in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan.

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