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High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment (2819-HG)

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High-Purity Gas Handling & Equipment (2819-HG)
High-purity gas handling equipment includes pressure regulators, laser gas equipment, flowmeters, mass flow systems, changeovers, manifolds, regulator mounting brackets, gas panels, process racks, gas cylinder cabinets, purifiers, filters, & valves. Services include design & fabrication of integrated specialty gas delivery systems for the laboratory & process industries. Applications include semiconductor, aerospace, chemical processing, environmental, fuel cell, industrial, instrumentation, medical equipment, pumps & compressors. Fluropolymers such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, PCTFE, ETFE & ECTFE offer some of the broadest range of high-purity, corrosion resistance of any known materials, while materials such as PEEK, PPS, Vespel®, and Meldin®, offer superior strength and dimensional stability across a broad temperature range.

(PEEK Tubing) PEEK Tubing - Extruded
PEEK Tubing - Extruded
PVC Angle
(Meldin 2030) Meldin® 2030
Meldin® 2030
(RULONJ) Rulon® J (Gold)
Rulon® J (Gold)
(ULTEM1000) ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
(TORLON 4301) Torlon® 4301 Rod - Sheet
Torlon® 4301 Rod - Sheet
(KEL-F) Kel-F® - PCTFE
Kel-F® - PCTFE
(VESPEL SP1) Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
Vespel® SP-1 Rod & Plate
(Polycarbonate GP Sheet) Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
Polycarbonate Sheet - GP Glazing Grade
(KYNAR-PVDF TUBING) Kynar / PVDF Tubing - Semi-rigid
Kynar / PVDF Tubing - Semi-rigid
(G-10 TUBE) G-10/FR-4 Tubes
G-10/FR-4 Tubes
(TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
PTFE Sheets & Rods (Virgin Grade)
(MELDIN 7022) Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
(MYLAR) Mylar® Polyester Film
Mylar® Polyester Film
(PEEK - Virgin) PEEK - VIRGIN Grade - Sheets & Rods
PEEK - VIRGIN Grade - Sheets & Rods
Techtron® PPS
(G-10 Non-Brominated) G-10 Non-Brominated
G-10 Non-Brominated
(G-11 SHEETS) G-11 Sheets
G-11 Sheets
(POLYPRO SHEET-WHITE) Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
(MELDIN 7001) Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)

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