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Photographic Supplies

Photographic Supplies
Photographic Supplies from Professional Plastics.
Acrylic and Lexan Polycarbonate Light Diffusers are available from Professional Plastics.
These plastic light diffusers give you soft, natural light... while flash gives you harsh, hard-edged light -- and rude, dark shadows. In your studio, diffusion will give you the professional look. The diffuser hangs between the light and the subject.

Acrylic is also used for plexiglass light boxes. You can make a light box for less than you can buy one for, and make it the size you need rather than settling for whatever size you can find. A light box can be used to make a back-lit sign for a shop window, display transparencies, or trace graphics or text onto a layer over them. Acrylic in color # 2447 White or # 7328 White can be used for this application.

Photo Tents & Staging Boxes can be made from Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Expanded PVC Plastic sheets (Komatex, Sintra or Celtec). These stages can help you take photographs that will show full detail and accurate color in a soft natural lighting environment with no distracting shadows or annoying glare. Creating a detachable light hood will softed diffused surround lighting from daylight corrected fluorescent bulbs and an acrylic light diffuser panel. The interior should be made using a bright white reflective plastic which helps light the object being photographed while eliminating distracting shadows. The studio should utilize both White and Black backdrops.
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