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Boom Cranes and Lifts - Pads & Sheaves

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Boom Cranes and Lifts - Pads & Sheaves
Boom cranes require impact and wear-resisitant materials for critical Wear Pads, Slider Pads, Sheaves and other components. Professional Plastics offers a wide variety of filled and unfilled Nylons (Nylon 6, 6/6, 6/12, Oil-Filled, MD-Filled, Nylatron GSM, Nylatron NSM, etc). We also offer UHMW products (Virgin, Oil-Filled, Cross-Linked, and various Tivar formulations). We work with all polyethylene products (UHMW, HDPE, LDPE) and Urethane products. Professional Plastics provides sheets, rods, profiles and fabricated parts to your specifications.

Typical parts include: Cable sheaves, bearings, bushings, wear strips, wear plates, chain guides, safety windows and windshields, wear pads, outrigger pads, cement molds, concrete forms, vibration isolation pads, belt scrapers, crane float pads, boom extension, non-slip walkways, pile diving pads, and various washers, seals and spacers.

Replace plywood crane float pads with high-quality, wear-resistant, nylon crane float pads. These nylon pads can withstand loads up to 250 tons per pad and will function within safety limits at high and low temperatures. Nylon crane float pads are wear resistant, lightweight and will not crack or shatter under load or uneven ground.

ProDrive ® Hammer Cushion Pads will absorb the initial hammer shock while transferring the power into the pile thus reducing the tremendous wear and stress on the hammers. These hammer cushion pads absorb the shock, thereby, minimizing breakdowns and downtime. We offer ProDrive ® Hammer Cushion Pads in three grades of Nylon, as well as, Canvas Phenolic.

(CUSHION PADS) Cushion Pads for Pile Driving
Cushion Pads for Pile Driving
(HDPE) HDPE Sheets & Rods
HDPE Sheets & Rods
(NYLATRON_LIG) Nylatron®  LIG - Oil-Filled Nylon
Nylatron® LIG - Oil-Filled Nylon
(NYLATRON 703XL) Nylatron® 703XL
Nylatron® 703XL
(NYLATRON GSM BLUE) Nylatron® GSM Blue Nylon (MD+Oil)
Nylatron® GSM Blue Nylon (MD+Oil)
(NYLATRON GSM) Nylatron® GSM Nylon
Nylatron® GSM Nylon
Nylatron® NSM
(NYLATRON WP) Nylatron® WP
Nylatron® WP
(NYLOIL - Oil-Filled Nylon) Nyloil® (Green) Oil-Filled Cast Nylon
Nyloil® (Green) Oil-Filled Cast Nylon
Nylon - CAST Nylon 6, UNFILLED
(Nylon MD Sheets & Rods - Cast) Nylon MD Sheets & Rods - Cast
Nylon MD Sheets & Rods - Cast
(NYLON MD - Extruded) Nylon MD Sheets & Rods - Extruded 6/6
Nylon MD Sheets & Rods - Extruded 6/6
(NYLON-OIL-GREEN) Nylon®, Oil-Filled - Green (Generic)
Nylon®, Oil-Filled - Green (Generic)
(Outrigger Pads - Heavy Duty) Outrigger Pads - Heavy Duty
Outrigger Pads - Heavy Duty
(PHENOLIC CANVAS C SHEET) Phenolic - Grade C Canvas Sheets
Phenolic - Grade C Canvas Sheets
(POLYURETHANE) Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
(POLYURETHANE TUBES -MOLDED) Polyurethane Tubes - Molded
Polyurethane Tubes - Molded
(PRODRIVE  CUSHION PADS) ProDrive ® Hammer Cushion Pads
ProDrive ® Hammer Cushion Pads
(TIVAR 1000) Tivar® 1000 UHMW
Tivar® 1000 UHMW
(TIVAR CERAM P) Tivar® Ceram P®
Tivar® Ceram P®
Tivar® DrySlide UHMW
(Tivar HPV UHMW) Tivar® HPV
Tivar® HPV
(TIVAR Oil Filled UHMW) Tivar® Oil Filled UHMW-PE
Tivar® Oil Filled UHMW-PE
(Tivar SuperPlus) Tivar® SuperPlus GF-XLink-HS UHMW
Tivar® SuperPlus GF-XLink-HS UHMW
(UHMW - VIRGIN) UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
(UltraPro 4.2 - Wear-Resistant UHMW) UltraPro™ 4.2
UltraPro™ 4.2

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