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Graphic Films

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Graphic Films
Graphic Film Products from Professional Plastics.
Professional Plastics offers a wide range of plastic films to OEM's, government & military facilities, printers, graphic overlay and instrument companies and other industrial companies and retail users. Professional Plastics is the Master Distributor for Makrofol and Bayfol films. Value added converting services include sheeting, cutting, slitting/rewinding, coating, die-cutting, hole punching, and custom packaging to our customer's specifications. Standard products include Makrofol & Bayfol polycarbonate and polycarbonate blend films, as well as, Mylar polyester and other general purpose graphic films.

  • Makrofol Polycarbonate Graphic Films Guide

  • (ACRYLIC FILM) Acrylic Film - Impact Modified
    Acrylic Film - Impact Modified
    (BAYFOL CREC FILM) Bayfol® CREC PC/PBT Blend Film
    Bayfol® CREC PC/PBT Blend Film
    (BAYFOL CR) Bayfol® CR Polycarbonate Film
    Bayfol® CR Polycarbonate Film
    (Crystalex™ G/G Polycarbonate Film) Crystalex™ G/G Polycarbonate Film
    Crystalex™ G/G Polycarbonate Film
    (MAKROFOL DE 1-4) Makrofol DE 1-4 Gloss/Fine Matte
    Makrofol DE 1-4 Gloss/Fine Matte
    (Makrofol DE 6-2) Makrofol DE 6-2 Fine Velvet-Very Fine Matte
    Makrofol DE 6-2 Fine Velvet-Very Fine Matte
    (Makrofol DE 7-2) Makrofol DE 7-2 Polycarbonate Film
    Makrofol DE 7-2 Polycarbonate Film
    (Makrofol DE1-1) Makrofol DE1-1 Polycarbonate Film (Gloss/Gloss)
    Makrofol DE1-1 Polycarbonate Film (Gloss/Gloss)
    (Makrofol DE1-4 Transluscent White) Makrofol DE1-4 Transluscent White 3723
    Makrofol DE1-4 Transluscent White 3723
    (Makrofol DE7-2 CG) Makrofol DE7-2 CG
    Makrofol DE7-2 CG
    (Makrofol PCVE) Makrofol PCVE - Velvet/Gloss
    Makrofol PCVE - Velvet/Gloss
    (Makrofol® EPC films) Makrofol® EPC films (PC-PVF)
    Makrofol® EPC films (PC-PVF)
    (Makrofol PCVM - Velvet-Matte) Makrofol® PCVM - Velvet-Matte
    Makrofol® PCVM - Velvet-Matte
    (MELINEX) Melinex® Polyester Films (PET)
    Melinex® Polyester Films (PET)
    (PET FILM QUESTIONS) PET Film Qualifying Questions
    PET Film Qualifying Questions
    (POLYCARB FILM V-G) Polycarbonate Film - Velvet-Gloss
    Polycarbonate Film - Velvet-Gloss
    (POLYCARB VM-GENERIC) Polycarbonate Film - Velvet-Matte
    Polycarbonate Film - Velvet-Matte
    (RUBYLITH) Rubylith® Masking Film
    Rubylith® Masking Film

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