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Wafer Handling (3559-WH)
Wafer Handling
The safe handling and automated transfer of silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry requires high-precision equipment and components. Mechanical holding systems used for the handling of silicon wafers carries the risk of damage to these high-dollar items, so finding solutions that minimize ...
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Battery Production (Acid & Lithium Ion)

Battery Production (Acid & Lithium Ion)
Battery Production requires processing equipment utilizing various plastic materials offered by Professional Plastics. Plastics are used in formation tanks, processing and handling equipment, and handling fixtures. Plastics are ideal materials for these parts due to their excellent chemical resistance, and in the case of handling and fixtures, their wear-resistance.

Lead Acid Battery Formation Tanks - One of the final processes in the manufacture of a lead electrode in an automotive or industrial battery is the formation step. Depending on the application the lead electrode is suspended in a Sulphuric Acid solution and varying electrical currents are passed through the plates for up to 48 hours. This process heats the acid to produce a very corrosive environment. Polypropylene is an ideal material for this application with its resistance to Sulphuric Acid and high temperature capability. In alternative equipment, PVC is used in various components and frames due to it's combination of strength and chemical resistance.

Battery processing equipment requires high-quality quality acid resistant conveyors made from materials such as HDPE and UHMW-PE. Gravity as well as powered Water Bath Formation Tables, have greatly increased throughput and increased the overall quality of the battery manufacturing process. These plastics are commonly used in fully automated Battery Washers, Battery Dryers, Battery Dumpers and Battery Fillers.

HDPE is a common material of choice for the two gel mixing systems. This materials is particularly impressive due to its high chemical resistance, toughness and stress crack resistance even at low media temperatures down to – 50 °C. Furthermore, HDPE is very easy to process and its weldability in particular is excellent.
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