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Automotive Production (3711-AP)
Automotive Production
The automotive industry is a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. It is one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue. The automotive industry does not include industries dedicated to ...
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Bottle & Can Production (3221-BC)

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Bottle & Can Production (3221-BC)
Bottle & Can Production (typically for use as beverage containers) - Glass containers have the simplest manufacturing process of modern containers. Higher purity glass is melted and liquified by adding salts like soda ash (sodium carbonate) to the melt. Several other salts are added to improve the hardness, finish, and handling qualities of the finished product, and the glass is ready for the final forming steps. The liquid is cooled & machines cut pieces of the viscous glass liquid off, and the bottle shape is formed by blowing or press forming the glass into molds. The glass is cooled, annealed, inspected and ready for the rest of the filling and canning process.

Aluminum beverage containers are made by the Draw and Iron method, to produce two piece metal containers which have an internal pressure, such as carbonated beverages. Sheets of aluminum are fed into a press which forms cups from the sheet by stamping from the top. The shape of the bottom is formed, and the container is cut from the roll and trimmed. At this stage the cans are washed and dried. Decoration is applied, and an organic polymer is applied to the interior of the can to protect the contents. The diameter at the top of the can is reduced by a rolling step to reduce the size of the top used, which enhances container economy. The cans are filed and the perforated aluminum top is attached to the can.

Application Profile: Can Mandrel - Torlon 4203 offers extraordinary compressive strength & abrasion resistance permitting higher production rates, longer part life & increased support of aluminum cans during printing. (Prior materials: Nylon, UHMW, Ceramic-coated Steel)
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