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Aquariums, Amimal Enclosures & Related Products (8422-AQ)
Aquariums, Amimal Enclosures & Related Products
This industry includes manufacturers of custom acrylic aquariums, terrariums and large see-thru animal enclosures for residential, commercial and industrial use. Acrylic has many advantages over glass and fiberglass, especially when it comes to customization.  Acrylic is much stronger than glass, ...
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Specialty Films

Specialty Films
Specialty plastic films from Professional Plastics include polycarbonate materials such as Bayfol CR 1-4, CR 6-2, AS-A 204, Makrofol DPF 5023, DPF 5018, DPF 5072, DPF 5073. We also offer high-performance engineering plastic films sich as PEEK, PVDF, Teflon, FEP, PFA, Kapton polyimide and more.
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