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Valve & Pump & Hydraulics & Pneumatics (3594-VP)
Valve & Pump & Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Valves are devices that control flow of liquids or gases. Valves can also be hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves or electric valves as well as having an various types including check valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves and ball valves. Depending on the liquids and gases that a valve ...
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    Specialty Films
    Specialty plastic films from Professional Plastics include polycarbonate materials such as Bayfol CR 1-4, CR 6-2, AS-A 204, Makrofol DPF 5023, DPF 5018, DPF 5072, DPF 5073. We also offer high-performance engineering plastic films sich as PEEK, PVDF, Teflon, FEP, PFA, Kapton polyimide and more.
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