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Industrial Laundry & Dishwashing Equipment (3582-LE)

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Industrial Laundry & Dishwashing Equipment (3582-le)

Overview of Industrial Laundry & Dishwashing Equipment (3582-LE)

— The commercial washing machine industry consists primarily of machines commonly used in laundromats and multifamily homes. The commercial and industrial laundry, dry-cleaning equipment, and boiler distribution business is highly fragmented, with over 100 full-line or partial-line equipment distributors in the United States. Continued growth will likely be sustained by population expansion and by customers increasingly trading up to equipment with enhanced functionality and therefore higher average selling prices.
The commercial dishwashing products industry is made up of those corporations that manufacture a variety of products used for the purposes of cleansing and scouring dishware. In dishwashing products foam, viscosity, and grease cutting are important characteristics. Usually dishwashing products can be found in liquid, gel, or powder composition. Dishwashing products are typically creations of a blending of surfactants, often accompanied by increasing amounts of foam or lather when in use to hand-wash wares such as cutlery, glasses, cooking utensils, cookware, plates, and/or bowls. Wear-resistant plastics such as Teflon®, Delrin AF, Fluorosint®, Turcite® and others are commonly utilized for rotational bearings and seals in both commercial laundry and dishwashing machines.

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