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High-Temperature Materials

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High-Temperature Materials
High-Temperature Plastics and Ceramics are available from Professional Plastics. High-temperature plastics are typically classified as materials that can exceed 300 F in continuous operating temperature. These materials include products such as Vespel®, Torlon®, PEEK, Teflon®, Meldin®, Celazole® & Macor®. Each material is suited to different applications due to variations in strength, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Please review the material & accompanying data sheets before making your final selection.
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    (ALUMINA 99.5%) Alumina 99.5% (Al2O3)
    Alumina 99.5% (Al2O3)
    (Boron Nitride) Boron Nitride - Combat®
    Boron Nitride - Combat®
    (CELAZOLE) Celazole® PBI (U-60) Molded 100% PBI
    Celazole® PBI (U-60) Molded 100% PBI
    (CeramaPEEK NC30) CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Extruded
    CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Extruded
    (CERAMATEST 400) Ceramatest 400 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
    Ceramatest 400 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
    (Ceramatest 500) Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
    Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
    (CERAMATEST 800) Ceramatest™ 800 - Glass-Mica Composite
    Ceramatest™ 800 - Glass-Mica Composite
    (CIRLEX-KAPTON) Cirlex® - Laminated Kapton® Film
    Cirlex® - Laminated Kapton® Film
    (COGETHERM) Cogetherm® - Mica Laminate Insulation Board
    Cogetherm® - Mica Laminate Insulation Board
    (Duratron® CU60 PBI) Duratron® CU60 PBI
    Duratron® CU60 PBI
    (FEP) FEP Rods & Sheets
    FEP Rods & Sheets
    (Fiberfrax-Duraboard) Fiberfrax-Duraboard
    (FluoroPro PCTFE) FluoroPro™ PCTFE
    FluoroPro™ PCTFE
    (FluoroPro™ PFA) FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
    FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
    (FLUOROSINT 207) Fluorosint® 207
    Fluorosint® 207
    (FLUOROSINT 500) Fluorosint® 500
    Fluorosint® 500
    (FLUOROSINT-HPV) Fluorosint® HPV
    Fluorosint® HPV
    (Fluorosint MT-01) Fluorosint® MT-01
    Fluorosint® MT-01
    (Fused Quartz - Clear) Fused Quartz - Clear
    Fused Quartz - Clear
    (G-10 FR4 SHEET) G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    (G-11 SHEETS) G-11 Sheets
    G-11 Sheets
    (G-3) G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
    G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
    (G-30POLYIMIDE-P95) G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
    G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
    (HALAR) Halar® - ECTFE
    Halar® - ECTFE
    (Isomag 175) Isomag® 175
    Isomag® 175
    (KALREZ SEMICON GRADES) Kalrez® Semiconductor Grades
    Kalrez® Semiconductor Grades
    (KAPTON HN FILM) Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    (KAPTREX-PI FILM) Kaptrex® Polyimide Film
    Kaptrex® Polyimide Film
    (KEL-F SCREWS) Kel-F Screws & Fasteners - PCTFE
    Kel-F Screws & Fasteners - PCTFE
    (KEL-F) Kel-F® - PCTFE
    Kel-F® - PCTFE
    (PEEK - Ketron HPV) Ketron® HPV - Bearing Grade PEEK
    Ketron® HPV - Bearing Grade PEEK
    (KETRON-PEEK) Ketron® PEEK
    Ketron® PEEK
    (KEVLAR SLEEVING) Kevlar® Sleeving
    Kevlar® Sleeving
    (LAVA) Lava - Alumina Silicate L911A
    Lava - Alumina Silicate L911A
    (MACOR) Macor® Machinable Glass Ceramic
    Macor® Machinable Glass Ceramic
    (MAGMATECH XL-911A) Magmatech XL-911A
    Magmatech XL-911A
    (POLYCARBONATE FR - Makrolon FI) Makrolon® FI - Flame Retardant Polycarbonate
    Makrolon® FI - Flame Retardant Polycarbonate
    (Marinite I Sheet) Marinite I Sheet
    Marinite I Sheet
    (Marinite M) Marinite M
    Marinite M
    (Marinite P) Marinite® P
    Marinite® P
    (MELDIN 2000) Meldin 2000 Series Shapes
    Meldin 2000 Series Shapes
    (Meldin 6000 Series) Meldin 6000 Series Overview
    Meldin 6000 Series Overview
    (Meldin 2021) Meldin® 2021 - 15% Graphite
    Meldin® 2021 - 15% Graphite
    (Meldin 2030) Meldin® 2030
    Meldin® 2030
    (MELDIN 6001) Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
    Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
    (MELDIN 7001) Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
    Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
    (MELDIN 7003) Meldin® 7003 Polyimide (15% MD Filled)
    Meldin® 7003 Polyimide (15% MD Filled)
    (MELDIN 7021) Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)
    Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)
    (MELDIN 7022) Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
    Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
    (MELDIN 7211) Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE
    Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE

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