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Hot Runner Materials

OVERVIEW of Hot Runner Materials

Hot Runner Materials for injection molding. Hot runner insulators are typically made from polyimide or ceramic materials available from Professional Plastics. A hot runner is an injection mold component containing a series of channels that distributes molten plastic within a mold. Unlike an ordinary cold runners, the hot runners are heated, so the plastic melt in the hot runners never freeze.

Hot runners are reasonably complicated devices, so they are usually assembled from the premanufactured units. The two main types of hot runners are the externally heated and internally heated. The latter have some slender heaters inside the runners; the outside boundaries of the runners usually have the temperature below the melt-freeze, so there is a layer of a frozen plastic that insulates the internal heater and the molten plastic from the cold outside boundaries.

Hot runners usually make the mold more expensive to manufacture and run, but allow savings by reducing the plastic waste and sometimes by reducing the cycle time (do not have to wait until the runners would freeze). Despite the higher initial cost, the long-term benefits of equipping a mold with a hot runner system can be easily justified. A hot runner-equipped mold can effectively reduce molding costs without significantly increasing the complexity of the mold design. Generally, mold build leadtimes are not impacted as the hot runner is designed and manufactured in parallel with the mold.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Hot Runner Materials

Benefits of Utilizing Hot Runner Systems:
  • Lower Cycle Time and Increase Output
  • Significantly Reduce Production Costs
  • Resin Savings, Energy Savings, Labor Savings, Mold Cost Savings, Reduced Injection Press Costs
  • Improved Part Quality.
  • See Article on Hot Runners Benefits - Mold Making Technology
  • (HOT RUNNERS) Hot Runner Materials
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