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Regulatory Agency Approvals by Material

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FDA   USDA   NSF   3A Dairy   USP CLASS VI  
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ABS Sheets & Rods - Machine Grade
Acetal Rod - Colors FDA (Food Grade)
Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
Acetron® GP Acetal
Acetron® GP FDA Colors
Acrylic Tubes - Cast
CPVC Sheet - CPVC Rod - Grey
Cutting Boards - Sanatec®
Cutting Boards HDPE (Generic)
Delrin® Tubes (Acetal H)
Ertalyte® PET-P
Ertalyte® TX
FEP Rods & Sheets
FEP Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 & 1.6:1
FEP Tubing
FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
Fluorosint® 207
Fluorosint® HPV
HDPE Sheets & Rods
HDPE Tubing
Ketron® PEEK LSG
Ketron® PEEK-CA30 LSG
Ketron® PEEK-GF30 LSG (Blue)
King CuttingColors®
Kynar® 1000HD PVDF Homopolymer
KYNStick® Kynar® Film Tape with Adhesive
LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
LDPE Tubing
MC® 907 - Food Grade Nylon
Noryl® EN265 & Noryl® GFN3
Nylatron® LFG (Lubricated Food Grade Nylon)
Nylon - EXTRUDED, Nylon 6/6 UNFILLED
PBT - Sustadur® PBT
PEEK Sheets & Rods - VIRGIN Grade
PFA Rods & Sheets
Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST
Polypropylene Sheets & Rods (Natural)
Polystone P® MG Heat Stabilized Polypropylene
Polystone® M MDT
Polysulfone PSU 1000
PVC - Clear Rod & Bar
PVDF Film - Kynar® & Solef®
Radel® R-5500 - PPSU Rod & Sheet
Rulon® 641
Sanalite® HDPE Cutting Boards
Santoprene™ Tubing
Silbrade® Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose
Silicone Tubing - Medical Grade Silcon®
Susta PPO MG (Noryl®)
Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
Techtron® PPS
Tivar® 1000 UHMW
Tivar® CleanStat®
Tivar® H.O.T.
Tivar® MD - Metal Detectable UHMW-PE
Tivar® Oil Filled UHMW-PE
Tygon® SE-200 Inert Tubing
UHMW Film / Strip - Skived Rolls
UHMW Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
UL 94 Flame Classifications
ULTEM™ 1000 (Unfilled) PEI
Unital® SFX0102M - Metal Detectable POM
Vestakeep® M2G, M4G, M4P Medical Grades
ANY & ALL Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
including glass, carbon, etc.
(unless otherwise noted above)
NOTE: All information in the table above was provided by respective stock shapes manufacturers and is subject to change without notice. Users of this information should verify agency approvals prior to specifying any plastic material.
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