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Fare Collection Systems (3581-VM)

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Fare Collection Systems (3581-vm)

Overview of Fare Collection Systems (3581-VM)

— An automated fare collection (AFC) system is the collection of components that automate the ticketing system of a public transportation network - an automated version of manual fare collection. An AFC system is usually the basis for integrated ticketing. AFC systems often consist of the following components: Tier 0 = Fare media, Tier 1 = Devices to read/write media, Tier 2 = Depot/station computers, Tier 3 = Back office systems, Tier 4 = Central clearing house. In addition to processing electronic fare media, many AFC systems have equipment on vehicles and stations that accepts cash payment in some form. AFC systems originated with tokens or paper tickets dispensed by staff or from self-service vending machines. These have generally been replaced with magnetic stripe cards. Since their introduction in 1997 with the Octopus card in Hong Kong, contactless smart cards have become the standard fare media in AFC systems, though many systems support multiple media types. Devices include: Fare gates, Stand-alone validators, On-vehicle validator , and Inspector/Conductor devices. Professional Plastics supplies a variety of materials used both within these devices, as well as, the housings, signage and displays.

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