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Diversified Manufacturing (3900-DM)
Diversified Manufacturing
Diversified Manufacturers are typically large multinational companies involved in a wide range of industries and unrelated market segments. Diversified manufacturing companies are involved in nearly all durable goods manufacturing industries and a number of non-durable goods industries. One of ...
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Seating - Bleachers, Chairs, Benches (2531-ST)

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Seating - Bleachers, Chairs, Benches (2531-ST)
Seating Manufacturers - Seats, Bleachers, Chairs, Benches, Stools and Booths. Companies within this channel manufacturer a variety of residential, office, restaurant, and commercial seating products made from plastics, metals, wood, and cushioned fabrics. Professional Plastics offers materials such as ABS, Kydex®, Boltaron®, Royalite®, and Acrylic which are thermoformed to create seating shells, armrests, and structural components. We also offer cushioning products such as Ensolite®, HyPUR-cel®, Neoprene®, and other lightweight materials.
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