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A fiber reinforced plastic where the fiber, typically glass, is woven into a mat to give the material enhanced strength while remaining light weight and stronger than many metals.

(GPO-3 SHEET) GPO-3 Sheets
GPO-3 Sheets
(G-3) G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
(G-11 SHEETS) G-11 Sheets
G-11 Sheets
(FRP SHEET - PROFILES) FRP Wall & Ceiling Panels & Profiles
FRP Wall & Ceiling Panels & Profiles
(NP510A (NEMA FR-4)) Norplex NP510A G-10/FR4
Norplex NP510A G-10/FR4
(G-7) G-7 Glass-Silicone Laminate
G-7 Glass-Silicone Laminate
(EXTREN SHEET) Extren® Sheets & Profiles
Extren® Sheets & Profiles
(FIBERGLASS RODS-BARS) GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
(G-11 ROD) G-11 Rod
G-11 Rod
(G-9) G-9 Glass-Melamine Laminate
G-9 Glass-Melamine Laminate
(Glastherm HT200) Glastherm HT200
Glastherm HT200
(GPO-3 CHANNEL) GPO-3 Channel
GPO-3 Channel
(GPO-3 ANGLE) GPO-3 Angle
GPO-3 Angle
(G-30POLYIMIDE-P95) G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
(G-11/FR5) G-11/FR5 - NEMA Grade FR5
G-11/FR5 - NEMA Grade FR5
(GPO1) GPO-1 Sheet
GPO-1 Sheet
(EXTS) Extren® - Square Bars & Tubes
Extren® - Square Bars & Tubes
(G-11 TUBE) G-11 Tubes
G-11 Tubes
(EXTREN I-BEAM) Extren® I-Beam
Extren® I-Beam
(GPO2) GPO-2
(EXTREN NUTS) Extren® / Fibrebolt® Studs & Nuts
Extren® / Fibrebolt® Studs & Nuts
(FIBERBRITE) Fiber Brite® Fiberglass Sheet
Fiber Brite® Fiberglass Sheet
(EXTREN ROUND TUBE) Extren® Round Tube
Extren® Round Tube
(G-5 G-5 Glass-Melamine) G-5 Glass-Melamine Laminate
G-5 Glass-Melamine Laminate
(GLASGUARD1130SHT) GlasGuard 1130 Corrosion-Resistant Panels
GlasGuard 1130 Corrosion-Resistant Panels
(EXTREN THREADED ROD) Extren® - Threaded Rods
Extren® - Threaded Rods
(GLASGUARD1130) GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
(GlasGuard 1120) GlasGuard® 1120
GlasGuard® 1120
(EXTREN ROD) Extren® - Solid Rods
Extren® - Solid Rods
(GILLFAB 4030) Gillfab™ 4030 Panel
Gillfab™ 4030 Panel
(NP511 NEMA G-11) NP511 (NEMA G-11)
NP511 (NEMA G-11)
(Norplex NP500A) Norplex NP500A (NEMA G-10)
Norplex NP500A (NEMA G-10)

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