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Weatherable Films

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    Weatherable Films
    Weatherable Plastis Films offer UV protection for outdoor applications such as touchscreens and overlays on ATM Machines, Gas Pumps, and outdoor kiosks. Materials include Makrofol® EPC VT/M, EPC ETE, EPC VT/E, and DPF 5005. These films are available in bulk master rolls, slit to size rolls, or converted to sheets, either with or without a tissue interleaf. be sure to specify any special packaging requirements at the time of order.

    (ACRYLIC FILM) Acrylic Film - Impact Modified
    Acrylic Film - Impact Modified
    (Gravofoil Labeling Film) Gravofoil® Labeling Film
    Gravofoil® Labeling Film
    (Makrofol® EPC films) Makrofol® EPC films (PC-PVF)
    Makrofol® EPC films (PC-PVF)
    (MYLAR) Mylar® Polyester Film
    Mylar® Polyester Film
    (Pro-F Line Release Films) Pro-F Line Release Films FEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV
    Pro-F Line Release Films FEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV
    (STATIC INTERCEPT - PROPLAS) ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film
    ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film
    (PVDF FILM) PVDF Film - Kynar® & Solef®
    PVDF Film - Kynar® & Solef®

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