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Plastic Balls - Solid

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    Plastic Balls - Solid
    Balls - Solid, Thermoplastic - Plastic Balls (solid thermoplastic balls)
    Professional Plastics supplies a broad range of industrial plastic balls used in bearings, rollers, and ball seal valves.a wide range of precision ground plastics and rubber balls.
  • Low-weight, non conductive, corrosion and chemical resistant. These balls are being used in a wide variety of applications including check valves, flow and liquid level indicators, and unlubricated bearings.
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    Plastic Balls are Available in the following Materials: Nylon Balls, Delrin-Acetal Balls, Teflon Balls, Polycarbonate Balls, Acrylic Balls, Polypropylene Balls, Glass-Filled Nylon Balls, Polystyrene Balls, PVC Balls, Polyester Balls, LDPE Balls, HDPE Balls, Polyurethane Balls, ABS Balls, PEEK Balls, Melamine/Phenolic Balls, Urea Balls, Polymethylpentene Balls, Nitrile (Buna) Balls, Fluorocarbon Balls, Viton® Balls, Silicone Balls, Neoprene Balls, EPDM Balls, Ceramic Balls, Acetate Balls, PVDF Balls, Kel-F Balls, Torlon Balls, Vespel Balls, UHMW Balls, & Kynar Balls.

  • (DELRIN BALLS) Delrin® Balls - solid (Acetal H)
    Delrin® Balls - solid (Acetal H)
    (FRAC BALLS) Frac Balls - Fracturing Balls
    Frac Balls - Fracturing Balls
    (NYLON BALLS) Nylon Balls - Solid
    Nylon Balls - Solid
    PEEK Balls
    PTFE Balls
    (TORLON BALLS) Torlon® 4203 Balls
    Torlon® 4203 Balls
    (TORLON 5030 BALLS) Torlon® 5030 Balls
    Torlon® 5030 Balls
    (VESPEL BALLS) Vespel® SP-1 Balls
    Vespel® SP-1 Balls

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