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Aircraft Systems (5599-AS)
Aircraft Systems
Aircraft Systems include dozens of complex internal systems that must work together to ensure a safe and efficient working aircraft. These systems include, but are not limited to; Flight controls, Landing gear, Electrical system, Bleed system, Hydraulics, Avionics System, Oxygen, Fuel, Electrical ...
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Robotics & Factory Automation (5084-RB)

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Robotics & Factory Automation (5084-RB)
Robotics & Factory Automation Systems - Deployment of robotics in the manufacturing sector to perform repetitive, complex, and dangerous tasks has enhanced productivity in industries such as automotive, electronics & others characterized by high-volume production lines. Industries adopting robots realize huge financial benefits on account of increased productivity, reduction in overhead, waste reduction, and production flexibility. Self-programming robots are gaining prominence with advancements in artificial intelligence and development of sophisticated sensors. The introduction of robots with integrated vision and touch enhance speed & efficiency of new production & delivery systems. Industrial robots have created a new ecosystem of high-paying jobs through activities such as designing, building, installing, operating, and maintaining robots. Increasingly robots perform tasks, which are otherwise impossible for humans to perform. Engineering plastics are commonly utilized for wear-resistant components, protective shields, sensors, feeder lines, wire harnesses & other components in automated robotic manufacturing systems.
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