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Modeling Board

Modeling board is used for prototyping and short run thermoforming or for tooling. These board are heavily used in the automotive industry. The right material will produce dimensionally stable tools.

(PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank) PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank
PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank
(High Density Urethane Tooling Board) Precision Board Plus (PBHT) - HDU Tooling Board
Precision Board Plus (PBHT) - HDU Tooling Board
(LAST-A-FOAM-FR-7100) Last-A-Foam® FR-7100 Modeling Foam
Last-A-Foam® FR-7100 Modeling Foam
(Worblas Finest Art) Worbla's Finest Art
Worbla's Finest Art
(Worbla Black Art) Worbla Black Art Thermoplastic
Worbla Black Art Thermoplastic
(MP-1065 Salmon) MP-1065 Salmon Modeling Board
MP-1065 Salmon Modeling Board
(Marine Fairing Compounds) Marine Fairing Compounds
Marine Fairing Compounds
(DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank) DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank
DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank
(FP-1050 Fixture Plank) FP-1050 Fixture Plank®
FP-1050 Fixture Plank®
(MP-1055 Model Plank) MP-1055 Model Plank
MP-1055 Model Plank
(PP-1052 Red Stuff) PP-1052 Red Stuff Tooling Board
PP-1052 Red Stuff Tooling Board
(Tooling Compound EL-323) Tooling Compound EL-323
Tooling Compound EL-323

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