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Wafer Handling (3559-WH)

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Wafer Handling (3559-wh)

Overview of Wafer Handling (3559-WH)

— The safe handling and automated transfer of silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry requires high-precision equipment and components. Mechanical holding systems used for the handling of silicon wafers carries the risk of damage to these high-dollar items, so finding solutions that minimize the risk of loss is a high priority. Electrostatic wafer handling is one of the possible solutions, and utilizes an attractive force on a silicon wafer by using an electrostatic chuck. Unfortunately, many processes are not well-suited to the use of this method, so components such as end effectors, wafer boats, wafer guides, and vacuum pick-up tools are widely used in the industry. These components are typically made from materials such as Vespel®, Meldin®, Ultem®, PEEK, PFA, and ESd Acetal, among others. Professional Plastics stocks these and many other high-performance materials used by manufacturers of wafer handling equipment, and semiconductor fabs. For more information, click on the materials below or contact our customer service department.
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