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Display & P.O.P. Materials

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Display & P.O.P. Materials
Display and P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) plastics materials are available from Professional Plastics in dozens of types, sizes and colors. Plastic sheets, rods, tubing, and films are produced in a wide variety allowing designers to produce innovative and eye-catching displays. We also offer accessories such as bumpons, fasteners, adhesives and plastic polishes and polishing tools to complete your design and keep it looking new. Our plastic products are used in displays, store fixtures, trade show booths, dispensers, bins, boxes, stands, picture frames, podiums, stands, shelving and racks. Cut-to-size and shipped directly to your door. Custom fabrication services are also available.
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  • (ACRYLIC BALLS-POLISHED) Acrylic Balls (Polished)
    Acrylic Balls (Polished)
    (ACRYLIC MIRROR) Acrylic Mirror - Plexiglass Mirror
    Acrylic Mirror - Plexiglass Mirror
    (ACRYLIC CAST ROD) Acrylic Rods - Cast
    Acrylic Rods - Cast
    (ACRYLIC ROUND ROD) Acrylic Rods - Extruded
    Acrylic Rods - Extruded
    (ACRYLIC SPIRAL) Acrylic Spiral Rod
    Acrylic Spiral Rod
    (ACRYLIC SQUARE) Acrylic Square Bar
    Acrylic Square Bar
    (ACRYLIC TRIANGULAR BAR) Acrylic Triangular Bar
    Acrylic Triangular Bar
    (ACRYLIC TUBE-EXTRUDED) Acrylic Tubes - Extruded
    Acrylic Tubes - Extruded
    (ACRYLIC TUBES - SQUARE) Acrylic Tubes - Square
    Acrylic Tubes - Square
    (ACRYLIC U BAR) Acrylic U-Bar
    Acrylic U-Bar
    (ACRYLIC ZBAR) Acrylic Z-Bar
    Acrylic Z-Bar
    (ACRYLITE RESIST) Acrylite® Resist
    Acrylite® Resist
    (ACRYLITE CRYSTAL ICE) Acrylite® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet
    Acrylite® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet
    (ACRYLITE ENDLIGHTEN) Acrylite® EndLighten - Edge Lit Sheet
    Acrylite® EndLighten - Edge Lit Sheet
    (ACRYLITE FF-3) Acrylite® FF-3 Framing Grade
    Acrylite® FF-3 Framing Grade
    (ACRYLITE EXOTIC EDGE) Acrylite® GP Exotic Edge
    Acrylite® GP Exotic Edge
    (Acrylite Pop-Touch Acrylic Sheet) Acrylite® Pop-Touch Sheet
    Acrylite® Pop-Touch Sheet
    (ACRYLITE REFLECTIONS IRIDESCENT) Acrylite® Reflections Iridescent
    Acrylite® Reflections Iridescent
    (ACRYLITE SATIN ICE) Acrylite® Satin Ice
    Acrylite® Satin Ice
    (ACRYLITE SATIN ICE TUBE) Acrylite® Satin Ice Acrylic Tubes
    Acrylite® Satin Ice Acrylic Tubes
    (APPLICATOR-SYRINGE) Applicator - Adhesive Syringe
    Applicator - Adhesive Syringe
    (CELTEC EXP PVC) Celtec® Expanded PVC Sheet
    Celtec® Expanded PVC Sheet
    (CORNER GUARDS) Corner Guards - Polycarbonate
    Corner Guards - Polycarbonate
    (COROPLAST) Coroplast® - Fluted Polypropylene Sheet
    Coroplast® - Fluted Polypropylene Sheet
    (EDGESCRAPER1) Edge Scraper - Bevel Edge Tool
    Edge Scraper - Bevel Edge Tool
    (HASP) Hasps - Acrylic Pin Style - For Displays
    Hasps - Acrylic Pin Style - For Displays
    (HINGES) Hinges - Piano & Flexible
    Hinges - Piano & Flexible
    (REVEAL) Insite Reveal® Foam Board
    Insite Reveal® Foam Board
    (INSITE FR) InSite® Flame Resistant Foam Board
    InSite® Flame Resistant Foam Board
    (KOMACEL Plus) KOMACEL® Plus
    KOMACEL® Plus
    (KOMATEX) Komatex® - Expanded PVC Sheet
    Komatex® - Expanded PVC Sheet
    (KYDEX WOODGRAIN) Kydex® 152WG Wood Grain Sheet
    Kydex® 152WG Wood Grain Sheet
    (LUCITE CP) Lucite® CP - Acrylic Sheet
    Lucite® CP - Acrylic Sheet
    (LUMASITE) Lumasite® Sheet
    Lumasite® Sheet
    (LUMICOR) Lumicor Sheet
    Lumicor Sheet
    (MAKROLON GP) Makrolon® GP Polycarbonate Sheet
    Makrolon® GP Polycarbonate Sheet
    (NOVUS 1) Novus 1 - Clean & Shine
    Novus 1 - Clean & Shine
    (NOVUS-COMBO PACK) Novus Combo Pack
    Novus Combo Pack
    (PETG) PETG Sheet
    PETG Sheet
    Plexiglass - ACRYLIC SHEET - CAST
    (RYNO BOARD) Ryno Board®
    Ryno Board®
    (Spectar PETG) Spectar™ PETG Sheet
    Spectar™ PETG Sheet
    (Weld-On) Weld-On® Plastic Cements
    Weld-On® Plastic Cements

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